Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why My Birthday was Awesome!

There was cake.

Sometimes on my birthday I make a cake for myself. However, I believe that this is so way cheater-pants behavior. Making your own birthday cake is like reviewing your own book. (We totally know what we all think about that.)
Anyway, this year my dearest Shannon made me a lovely spice cake and it was awesome.
BUT...this wasn't the only thing that happened.

I started the morning with toast and jelly from my daughter. My mom and Shannon took me to lunch and there was steak--on a weekday. Then, as if this wasn't enough splendor, my brother gave me an ARC of Cold Days!

Then, I picked up the kids from school and when I came home there were huge bunches of beautiful flowers from the Dear Husband and a bottle of pink champagne!
Then The Evil League of Evil Writers fab Dina James posted for my birthday!
And the fun just went on! The fabulous Heather Brewer was signing that night at our local Barnes & Noble so I went to see her with my daughters. SHE IS MADE OF GLORY and if you ever get a chance to see her you should totally go!
So the daughters and I were having so much fun that I didn't even see the attack coming. All of a sudden, I hear Heather calling me and she made the whole store sing Happy Birthday. It was AWESOME and I got a present, too!

So this was the best birthday ever!