Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Can Tell You Why Your Manuscript Sucks

I am accepting content edits until October 1st. If the date is a problem for you then you need to email me immediately. Don't mess around guys.

How can I do this and why would you want to be told such a horrible thing?

Maybe, because you want to find an agent or editor who LOVES YOU DEARLY?

 So I've started a critique service. Not forever, but for a while.

Why do you think you're any good at this at all?

I've been beta reading since 1990, not only for unpublished authors, but for agented and published ones, too. Quite honestly, I was a terrible reader for the first ten years or so. I was worried about hurting people's feelings, and didn't say when a passage stunk on ice, or when something made me go WTF?! Now I do. This is what you need to improve your writing.

Also, I remember thinking, "I wish someone would just tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can fix it." Seriously, some of you guys are wonderful writers, you have a voice, your sentence structure is strong. But, your pacing sucks, or you just can't quite make your characters come alive for the reader. I can help you with that.

Why would you want to use your time like this when you could be watching Dr. Who or Spiderman?

Quite honestly, I have six kids. Five are in college, and one is in private high school. I'd like them to stay there.

Why would I want to pay for a critique when I can get one free from my own critique group?

Unless your beta readers are published, or are working with a traditional agent or editor, they don't have the experience to help you. I do.

How much will this cost?

First Chapter (up to 20 pages)  $50.00

First Three Chapters (up to 50 pages) $100.00

Entire Manuscript Critique $1.50 a page minimum of 200 pages.

Emergency Fee to Jump the Queue  $50

For anything else, you will need to contact me. juliebutcheredits@yahoo(dot)com

What do I get for my money?

I'll post notes throughout the manuscript using Word and Track Changes. I'll tell you where, when, and why you're messing up. I'll tell you what you're doing right, and what you shouldn't change. I'll also provide a detailed letter of what I think will improve your work.

Every writer is at a different stage of development. All writers (including me) have problems actually seeing their story because what they've written is colored by what they see in their own mind. The reader doesn't have the benefit of your imagination.

What won't you do?

I don't critique erotica. (For all I know I could be doing it wrong.)

I don't offer edits on picture book manuscripts because I am not qualified to do so.

I will not correct your punctuation. You need a line editor for that.

How do I contact you?

You can email me at
You can check out recommendations and *like* my editing page at
On twitter you can find me at

I look forward to working with you.