Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To all of the RT 2013 Authors

Thank You!

To the Adult Writers

My girls were the ones asking you if they were old enough to read your books. Thank you for taking the time to chat with them. You made them feel important. The swag you gave them is proudly displayed on the bookself in my daughter's room. They remember your names, and your books, better than I do. I know that they aren't your readers yet, but you can bet your buttons that they will be. So, thank you for making them look forward to reading in the future.

To the YA Authors

You were awesome personified. My daughter and her friends came away with bragging rights that will last for years. At the bookstore, the youngest points out the books that are yours and remembers exactly what you told them about the plot. (You're costing me a mint!) She remembers each face, and what you said, and how you really listened to her questions. She tells friends that they MUST READ your book because you are so cool. I have never seen happier eighth grade girls. They felt wanted and needed, and felt like their opinions mattered.

They came away from Teen Day feeling great about themselves and looking forward to a summer with your stories. As a mother I thank you. You made my job easier.