Friday, February 3, 2017

Please Help Students Be Fit

Do you remember college when ramen was a delicacy and also all you could afford? I do. This was back when you could push cars out of ditches with no backache the next day. This was probably when I should have learned how to exercise instead of now, when I am way older.

We’ve tried to do better with our kids. We’ve paid for team sports and karate lessons. We supervise bike rides and hikes—all of the healthy stuff. But when they go to college, we stop.

 This is my oldest daughter, Emily. She wanted to do cross fit, even though the membership to the cross fit gym was pretty darn expensive, so she found a way, turning babysitting for the gym into a membership. Unfortunately, her friends couldn’t do the same so she went through miles of paperwork and meetings at her college to get cross fit accepted as a student program. Now it is and the kids need start-up money for some equipment.

If you can even spare one dollar, I assure you it will be appreciated more than you know. Students will be able to do the new, cool, workout. They’ll blow off stress and be happier and healthier. I know that college takes (or took) a heck of a lot of your money. But these kids just want to be healthy. They’re not the athletes who have trainers and paid scholarships. They’re regular kids getting degrees in computers and business. They don’t have the frills.