Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Don't Do Copy Edits, But I Know Who Does

Okay guys, you know I do content editing but I don't have the skill to do copy editing. You can find all kinds of people running about on the Internet saying they do have those skills. Anyway, I thought some of you might need those services in the near future. (I've been reading some awesome manuscripts.)

Or, some of you might not want me to do your content editing because I eat a lot of cake or whatever. Also because I might be just a little crazy. (Six children worth of crazy and I earned every zapped-out molecule.)

So without any further fanfare, here are two people I would trust with my money and my manuscripts. They are both brilliant and have worked with a lot of popular published authors. They can copy edit. I can't.

A lot of you know Authoress Anonymous and her awesome website Miss Snark's First Victim. If you're a writer you should go there immediately. She has some of the most awesome agent and editor contests ever! She also works as an independent editor. Her editorial services and prices are listed. She only does partials at the moment and I do believe that there will soon be a way where (for a price and in an emergency) you can jump the queue. I personally recommend her. We've been friends and critique partners for years. Your manuscript can only get better in her hands.

The second person I'd like to recommend is Richard Shealy. He specializes in fantasy and science fiction and works professionally for some of the big six publishers. I personally know the big names he beta reads for,(no I won't tell you ) and guarantee that he'll keep all of those pesky ducks (or dragons) marching in a nice row. He is excellent at keeping you voice yours, and he will line edit your work until it shines like gold.

I think the science fiction and fantasy writers know how difficult it is to find someone who understands your world and the rules. He can do it. His website is here.

Of course you can have me wearing my bossy pants for content edits.

Both of the above people are personal friends and I have no doubts guaranteeing their integrity.